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Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) –Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) –Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Reviews, Pros & Cons

Echo Dot 3 has a new speaker and design, Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, designed for any room. Just ask for music, news, information, control compatible smart home devices and more. You can either use the crisp and clear built-in speaker or connect Echo Dot to your own other speakers using Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable.

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) –Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

What you can do with Echo Dot 3.0?

  • Make phone calls (basically, landline calls)
  •  Control your Smart Home- Open or close your garage door, Fix the Room Temperature
  •  Play Music - Command and Play whaterver you like
  • Get information by just asking
  • Pay Bills
  • Get fit (or try to) - Check on your FitBit stats, Get nutrition information, Workout.
  • Train Alexa to do practically anything else
  • Entertain your kids for hours on end
  • Get the news
  • Get cooking ideas and tips

Plug in Echo Dot

Plug-in the power adapter to your Echo and the power outlet. The ring at the top will initially turn blue and later the Echo will greet you by making it orange.

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Reviews, Pros & Cons

Connect Echo Dot to your Wi-Fi

 Just follow the instruction guided in your app register on app then connect your Echo to your Wi-Fi network. Still if your are getting problems to connect your Echo to your Wi-Fi, remove all connections, then plug-in the Echo to your power supply and repeat the procedure.

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Reviews, Pros & Cons

All Set, Talk to Alexa

Once your wifi or Bluetooth is successfully connected to Echo Dot, ask to Alexa everything like Play Music, set Alaram, What is the time now, Play 90's Music, Call Home, what's the news, what's the cricket score, turn on the Lights and fan and more.

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Reviews, Pros & Cons

Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Generation Features


the third-generation Echo Dot trades in the all-plastic sides of its predecessors for a cloth-covered finish. With softer, more-rounded edges, the new Dot looks less like a hockey puck and more like something you'd want in your living room. the top of the Dot is ringed with LEDs that light up blue when Alexa is listening; you'll also find two volume buttons, a button to turn the microphone on and off, and a button to activate Alexa. 


There remains something quite futuristic about bellowing commands at, and hearing responses from, a little electronic voice in a box, but on the surface everything about this product is pretty simple.At 3.9 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches tall, the third-generation Dot is slightly larger than the second-gen Dot, which is just 3.3 inches wide and 1.3 inches high.


The sound quality is arguably the most impressive upgrade here.Despite similar dimensions, the change to the driver has clearly had a positive effect. It’s louder, for sure, but it’s better than that. The lean, thin sound of the previous models, which was comfortably bettered by the Google Home Mini, has been replaced by actual bass notes, full-bodied voices and a smoother treble.There’s one very handy audio feature rolling out to all Echos. You can ask Alexa to adjust the equalizer settings of the Dot; for example, you can say, "Alexa, set the bass to maximum," or, "Alexa, reset the equalizer." (You can increase treble and bass from a scale of -6 to 6.)

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Reviews, Pros & Cons

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Reviews, Pros & Cons



    Amazon Echo products, the sound quality has noticeably improved, and while for a ‘proper’ smart speaker an upgrade even to the more substantial 2018 version of the AMAZON ECHO PLUS
    Echo Dot more-rounded edges, Softer and the top of the Dot is ringed with LEDs gives it amazing finish.
  • Listen Your Voice
    Just ask what you want to do, Control your home appliances and Pay Bills and more
  • Best Price Segment
    it its price it is best product and value of money product at all.


  • No USB port


If we saw Pros and Cons individually then this products Good qualities takeover to bad qualities. One should Definitely go for it.

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) –Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

Rating By Some Amazon Customers


This is very good hardware and speaker. However very much handicapped by amazon on software front. It can not understand your commands 70-80 percentage times and very limited to amazon music and saavn. However you can not use any of good music apps like wynk, gaana, youtube etc.
Also natural language processing is supported in google products but not in this echo.
For example when you say-
1) where is agra - it gives you correct answer.
2) continue with next query like how to reach there ?
Then for 2nd query it doesn't know what to do..
This is just an example but most of the times you will find this issue there.

Then you can not connect with other populer music etc apps. Have to rely on what amazon thinks os good for you.
Amazon music has very limited music base.

So looking forward to get more access and integration with alexa however not have much hope since its already such an old plateform that they would have given support if there were any such plans.


This was launched on 11th and I got the product by 12th. Plus the reduced price due to sale and a nice smart bulb for just 500 rupees. Overall I think this was super value for money. I haven't used any other smart speaker before but I am very happy with my purchase. Below are some observations :
1. Initially it feels a bit weird talking to a speaker but you get used to it in no time.
2. The sound quality is pretty good. You get good depth of sound with decent bass.
3. Several skills available and you will definitely find some very useful. For example adding stuff to shopping list or setting up a reminder.
4. Understands the Indian accent very well. Sometimes I am amazed by how well it picks up stuff.
6. Kids love it. An added advantage is that they can take help for homework and talking to alexa also motivates them to talk in English

Comparison to Google Home Mini

At first i was confused which one to buy-Google home mini or Echo dot.After considering few factors I decided to buy this echo dot 3rd gen.
1)Sound quality and volume has improved a lot from previous gen.
2)Alexa and Amazon services are more integrated with Indian market which the Google lacks.For example I can book uber cab,order food in zomato,order things from Amazon without even taking out my smartphone.
3)It can used as a smart speaker,Bluetooth speaker and also it has 3.5 mm headphone jack.
4)Amazon prime membership at Rs 999 per year is the most value for money subscription.You can stream in Amazon prime video,music from prime music,become an Amazon prime member,free kindle e books and many more.Google takes monthly Rs 99 for songs only.
5)You can control smart lights and electronics from Philips,Xiaomi,Yeelight and other Alexa compatible devices
1)It has to be kept plugged in all the time,not battery powered(same is the case with Google home)
So if you are looking for a smarter assistant to interact with,Echo Dot 3.0 is your choice.For all other uses Amazon echo speakers are better.

Worth Buying

I bought 3rd gen Echo Dot.... here are some pros and cons:
1. Great improvement in sound quality when compared to the 2nd generation DOT.
2. Alexa understands Indian accent well and the one sold here is customized only for India.
3. Design and build quality is very good. I liked the fabric design over the plastic on the 2nd gen DOT
4. Just say what you want to buy from Amazon and it will purchase/add it to your cart. Alexa will buy it provided you have given her permissions, it can be controlled using Alexa app on your mobile.
5. You can make her connect to a bigger speaker using bluetooth or Aux for better quality sound.
6. Alexa can play songs of your choice from Amazon prime music as well as Tune-in radio. You can enable other radio stations aswell.
7. The best part of Alexa is that she can set reminders, to do lists and Alarms. She can set multiple alarms and reminders.
8. You can ask her any random questions, calculations, general knowledge etc.

1. You need Amazon prime subscription to search and play for songs. I won't recommend Echo to anyone without Prime subscription.

Over all I'm happy with Alexa. She is a good smart companion. Alexa is intelligent and there are lot of things you can do, just some spent time with her and you will be amazed. Amazon will be enabling Alexa with more skills, it's a worth buying.....

Overall rating :  4.3/ 5

The overall ratings goes to almost 4.3 and there is noting to exlpain more about this product go for it.

Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Reviews, Pros & Cons

Change your device language to English/हिन्दी via the Language options inside the Device settings on the Alexa App. If you don’t see this option, please make sure you have the latest software update on your Echo device and the latest version of the Alexa app. To speak to Alexa in Hindi, just ask, “Alexa, speak in English and Hindi.”

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