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Which are some best Printers in India? Review and Buyer’s Guide
best printers

Which are some best Printers in India? Review and Buyer’s Guide

Which are some best printers in India? 

If you are here then you are definitely looking for a suitable printer for your home or office. So your quest is going to end here. Before you buy a printer, you should know carefully about many aspects of the printer such as what is a printer, what is it, how is it used, etc.

Currently, all-in-one Printer & multi-function Printers are longer in-demand because with those printers it is simple to Print, Scan, and Copy your records and photos in the home. Possessing a printer in the home can be acutely handy. It is likely to cause you to convenient to publish your documents along with your son or daughter prep.

It’s indeed a daunting task to decide on the ideal printer in India. Assorted kinds of printing technologies exist within the industry these days, each of these is appropriate to different needs. Printers can be found unique shapes and sizes, from workgroup workhorses to traveling companies.

Some of the printers have been aimed toward multitaskers, while some are such as photographers. The specifications of resolution and speed may mislead you. Prior to trying to find a printer, then you want to comprehend that profile best matches your consumer type.

Why you should buy a Printer?

Types of printers

You’ve got to actually be based on the local cyber café or workplace to receive your significant prints completed each moment. Purchasing a printer for your house or business functions is sometimes a fantastic money-saving in addition to a suitable alternative in the long term.

And also with the assistance of a printer, you also may safeguard you from the record piracy like your Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Bank Statements and Company files and another confidential record that aren’t secure to print from Cyber Cafe along with other Xerox or print zone.

Thus, if you want your job work for college or school to be performed on the move, or submit another report for your boss in time, or maybe get a direct printout of this air ticket, then a printer will be a crucial and crucial aid.

before you make any decision of buying printers you should check the buyer’s guide at the end of this article.

Best Printers in india

Types of Printers in India

There are various types of printers available in India with their different sizes and features.

1.Inkjet Printers

An Inkjet printer would be the ideal printer for office usage. In the previous ten decades, the Inkjet printers have emerged well. The contemporary, flexible inkjets can create both wealthy picture prints and text. Many businesses provide both picture inkjet and inkjet printers. Pictures are published by Inkjets by employing a just controlled flow of ink droplets to many different paper forms from a couple of capsules. Various techniques are utilized by every manufacturer.

The picture quality is decided by the program algorithms for color mixing. The rate gap has been closed from the Inkjets. On the other hand, the procedure for an Inkjet is slower compared to the laser printer. The particular ink and paper cartridges are pricey also. Therefore, Inkjets are excellent for smaller companies and home users with light or irregular printing requirements. They’re also beneficial for people who should create photos and images of high quality.

The inkjet printers are cheap; nevertheless, the typical requirement to replace the ink cartridge may improve the general cost for those users. These are ideal when you’ve got moderate usage of this printer. Next on the list will be Inkjet printers that are a frequent option for home and tiny offices. Such printers can readily be purchased due to their reasonable cost and also provides high-quality printing outcomes.

2. Laser Printer

best printers in india

Laser printers are among the popular printers in offices and homes. They have been released from the year 1960 and until they then possess the favorites of many individuals. These printers are somewhat more efficient compared to other choices of printers out there. They’re budget-friendly in addition to ideal for printing easy texts and graphics.

Previously, color laser printers weren’t economical for smaller companies or people. Now, however, there are numerous versions that are good options to color inkjets for printing brochures, spreadsheets and printing luxuries.
The majority of the businesses offer networking purposes like Ethernet or wireless on private multifunction lasers. Therefore these printers are best for homes with several desktops and consumers that do not necessarily need high-resolution photographs. Heavy printing is managed by Laser printers.

Laser Printers serve two or three users at one time and therefore they are helpful for workplaces. However, they will normally cost you a whole lot greater than Inkjet printers.

3. 3D Printer

These printers are among the most up-to-date & most exciting advancements in the printing environment. Even the 3D printers are all dependable and modern printers which could certainly handle all of the national and professional requirements and necessities of the end-users. These printers utilize high-quality resin for printing 3 d items as the last printing benefits. It won’t be erroneous to say why these brand new 3D printers offer you boundless chances of printing into the users with many advantages.

4.All-in-one Printers

A multi-function printer would be your ideal printer for home-usage. Multifunction/All-in-one printers would be the allrounders on the planet of printers. They’re fantastic for smaller organizations and home offices since they unite a scanner, printer, and copier. They’re available with inkjet printing for brilliant photos or laser printing to get occasional images along with text that is rapid. With us, we may perform everything like scanning, printing, and copying. They are greatest within their field

All in one printer comes up with those features as well

  • Copying
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Stapling
  • Color and/or black and white printer compatibility
  • Extra paper trays
  • Photo organization software

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in this list of best printers, we added some best brands printers like hp printers, Epson printers, and Canon printers as well.

Best Printers in India

1.Epson L 3152 WiFi All in One Ink Tank Printer

best printers in india

With the development in technologies, inkjet printers have been developed to a different generation of printers known as ink tank printers. Such ink tank printers printing using an ink reservoir that makes printing more economical in comparison to inkjet printers.

You do not have to keep the printer motion frequently because its ink doesn’t dry out easily. To have the ability to give individuals access to printing any place on earth, Epson printers have established affordable printing using its Epson Eco Tank L3152 Ink Tank printer.

Epson’s approach to this printer would be to reduce prices and bring productivity up. If you have obtained a printer everywhere between 1995 and 2010, you have probably bought an inkjet printer. Traditional printers have quite bad print quality and it’ll operate out of ink every 200 pages or a lot of printing.

There’s also a prospect of up ink drying, this usually means that you would have to keep printing today and then to guarantee the printer operates correctly. Also, these printers are pricey cartridges that are extraordinarily tough to refill.

In case you've got important prep deadlines or getting stuff done in the last time will no more be a problem as soon as the EcoTank L3152, that includes some Micro Piezo printhead, claims to provide 33 ppm.
It is Borderless Printing (around 4R Pictures ) print images without the constraints of an undesirable white edge. Benefits of moving wireless simpler since you're able to print up to 4 smart devices with no necessity to get a router. Seamless connectivity into WiFi and EcoTank L3152 c.onnect attributes like iPrint, Email Printing Notebook and Remote Printing Driver permits you to print wirelessly with no hassle.
It makes it possible for you to an unbelievable return of 4,500 pages (black) and also 7,500 pages (colour ) you can publish uninterruptedly. Considering that the ink tank has been integrated inside the printer, that the Epson EcoTank L3152 makes it possible to stay coordinated and also frees up space.

Fast Overview

  • Printer Type – Ink Tank type
  • Functionality – Print, Scan, Copy(All-in-One),
  • Scanner type – Flatbed
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, USB, App
  • Pages per minute – 33 pages (Black & White), 15 pages (Colour)
  • Cost per page – 7 paise (Black & White), 18 paise (Colour) – { ISO standards}
  • Suitable for heavy and regular usages
  • Page size supported – A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL 
  • Comes with 4 original Epson Ink Bottle (one of each colour – Bk, C, M, Y) inside the box
  • Warranty – 1 year or 30,000 pages.


wireless wifi printing

Automatic Cleaning Available

Border-less Printing

low budget printing


little complicated with With Apple Products

Hard to install

best printers in india

2.HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

best printers in india

You may simply operate the HP DeskJet 21 31 all-in-one Printer. This printer is built to match at which you’re looking for it, therefore, it conserves space. It is possible to certainly fit it onto a shelf or your desk. With discretionary high-yield ink cartridges, you’ll be able to spare your expenses.

This hp Deskjet printer high-quality printer delivers the versatility of printing sets from lab-quality photos to email, web pages, and documents. Together with accent colors, this printer has a friendly and fresh design. With simple controls, then you also can control this printer to copy, print and scan. With the First HP high-yield ink cartridges, you’ll be able to print as much as two times as many pages.

This hp printer supplies an unparalleled print quality by simply offering 4800 x 1200 color resolution. It may print at a speed of 5.5 ppm (color) and 7.5 ppm (black and white). Hence, the tools are conserved without affecting the operation. Applying this hp printer, you cut your environmental impact to a degree. You can expect free cartridge recycling through HP printers.

Fast overview

  • Printer Type – Inkjet
  • Functionality – All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy),
  • Scanner type – Flatbed;
  • Connectivity – USB
  • Pages per minute – 7.5 (Black & White), 5.5 (Colour) ;
  • Cost per page – ₹4.8 (Black & White), ₹6.6 (Colour) –  {ISO standards}
  • suitable for home and office for low usages.
  • Page size supported – A4, B5, A6, DL envelope Compatible Ink Cartridge – HP 803 Tri-Color & Black Original Ink Cartridges ; Page-Yield – ~190 pages (Black & White) 
  • Maximum monthly recommended prints – 1,000 pages per month
  • Warranty – 1 year


All in one printer

low budget printing


For low usages

best printers in india

3. Canon Pixma E477 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer

best printers in india

It’s very convenient to join this printer along with different apparatus using wi-fi, USB, Pixma printing solution, along with Google cloud printing. Alongside that, the Canon Pixma printer can be used using Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows-7 SP 1 and Windows Vista SP2.

This Canon Pixma E477 also will come with a more 1-year warranty because of its own users. Speaking about it kind of printer, this really is really an ink efficient printer that can deliver great colored collars. It can effortlessly handle all of the vital operations of printing, copying, and scanning to find its own users. Last, the consumers may also get some great rewards for manual duplex printing for this printer.

Canon exactly knows just how to maintain its clients and customers pleased with its quality solutions. This printer out of the brand is just one such illustration of the exact same. The printer was made for delivering the most convenience and ease to its users with no hassles. This gadget is ideal for the small office or home with the demand for 100-300 printing pages each month.

Using Canon Pixma E477 all in one wi-fi Inkjet Printer, you're able to do printer surgeries quite readily without needing linking to your PC via USB. The ink cartridges of Canon can be reasonably priced and offer high-quality printing. This printer comes with a PIXMA Cloud feature. It's possible to publish out of social networking internet sites or online services like Flickr, Twitter, Evernote, drop-box along face-book with the assistance of both PIXMA Cloud Link. With all the Canon Printing Inkjet Selphy App, you may enjoy wireless installation, scanning, and printing. The program enables you to create cloud services up and track the ink degree status. It's a total of 1280 nozzles. You could also view your scanned data out of this printer to storage websites.


Easy to connect

 Wireless printing

High-quality prints with Affordable ink cartridges


It doesn’t support borderless printing

best printers in india

4.HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Printer

best hp printers in india

You just simply can’t get more than HP when talking and thinking about the finest suitable and regular printers. Being among those reputable manufacturers in India, it knows the requirements and necessities of the consumers in the finest possible method.

There’s not any denying that you’ll be completely impressed with this amazing yet streamlined all-purpose HP printer. This hp printer is an ink kind printer, that makes its use very simple and convenient. To fit the expectations of their consumers, this printer will manage most of the tasks (copying, scanning, and printing) really handily. The consumers may be viewed as impressed with all the high-quality colored collars created by this printer.

As a result of the flatbed scanner, this printer may provide decent results even for files in poor quality. You do not need to be worried about the high quality or perhaps the irregular size of this newspaper when using this particular printer.

This printer may also be depended upon because of its rate of printing. It may provide 7.5 white and black pages per second and 4.5 color pages per minute.
This HP printer is acceptable for home and tiny offices using a page yield worth of 4000 white and black pages and 8000 coloring pages. Also, the consumers can find the utmost value of their duty cycle as 1000 pages each month. The connectivity advantages provided by this printer, the consumers can depend on Wi-Fi, HP smart program and USB. Choose any of those appropriate methods for linking this printer using the needful apparatus in the most convenient manner possible. It's also awarded the guaranteed time of 1-year because of the customers' ease.

Fast Overview

  • ink Tank Printer
  • functionality – all-in-one (print, scan, copy),
  • Scanner type – flatbed; printer
  • Connectivity – wi-fi, USB, hp smart app
  • Pages per minute – 7.5 (black & white), 4.5 (colour)
  • cost per page – 10 paise (black & white), 18 paise (colour) – as per iso standards
  • Ideal usage – home and small office, regular/heavy usage (more than 300 pages per month)
  • Page size supported – a4, b5, a6, dl
  • maximum monthly recommended prints – up to 1000 pages per month
  • Warranty – 1 year from the date of purchase


Free installation from HP

Easy mobile printing and scanning from HP smart app

Borderless and face resist printing


overall Good no cons


best hp printers in india

5. HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

best hp printers in india

HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer is one of the best printers in India.

This hp Laser ink Jet Professional black cartridge printer sports a streamlined body, which occupies minimum space and can be put in almost any part of the home or workplace. Furthermore, it also includes a double-digit numeric LED screen, which aids you to understand the present condition of the printer.

It comes equipped with a High-Speed USB v2.0 port that permits you to link your notebook and PC easily and begin with your workplace tasks. Having become an Energy Star qualified product, this multifunction HP printer using a USB interface turns out to be highly power efficient. Its own Auto-on, auto-off real estate, Instant-on engineering, and Instant-on replicate attributes contribute to creating this printer a power-saving device.

It absorbs 375 W through printing and 265 W through copying documents. Compact and packed with valuable attributes, this printer includes one year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Install the HP initial black printing ink tank and get the most effective results with instanton technology. This printer will print plain and laser paper, envelopes, and translucent sheets, sheets, This dark printer may print, copy in addition to scanning documents. Its chip speed is 400 MHz as it includes 8 MB standard memory built, which together quicken its own performance. It sports an input that could endure 150 sheets at the same time as well as ten envelopes for printing in volume. This LaserJet multifunction printer will print Instantly finish all of your offices assist the aid of the HP laserjet Guru M1136 multifunction printer. With each sheet of the newspaper it prints, scans or copies, the display quality remains clear and pliable. Letters in a high speed of 19 ppm (newspapers each second ) and normal A4 at 18 ppm per minute.

Fast Overview

  • Printer  – LaserJet type
  • Print Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Functionality – Multi-Function (Print, Scan, Copy),
  • Scanner type – Flatbed; Printer
  • Print Speed: 18 ppm
  • Output – Black & White only
  • Connectivity – USB
  • Pages per minute – 18 pages ;
  • Cost per page – Rs 2 (Black & White) – As per ISO standards
  • Frequent users (for fast, high-quality printing)
  • Page size supported – A4, A5, B5, C5, C6, DL, Postcard
  • Maximum monthly recommended prints- Up to 8,000 pages per month
  • Warranty – 1 year 


Outstanding text quality

Save energy by Instant-on Technology and Instant-on Copy

Brilliant printing quality


Black and white output only

best hp printers in india

6. HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

best printers in india

To 14 ppm to get A4-sized newspaper, a flatbed scanner and a two-inch LCD Tightest of distances easily. Other features include a printing speed of upward You quicker task answers. With a printing resolution up to 600 x 600, Even the Hi-Speed USB cable with This printer Offers rapid connectivity to Dpi,

you’re able to benefit from clearer and sharper outputs. It’s Been designed With instinctive features to make your job simple and straightforward. The HP LaserJet M1005 Multi-Function printer, a Remarkable piece of workplace equipment, allows you to publish and copy pictures in monochrome however offers you Cartridge technologies for increased efficacy.

Its 230 MHz chip gives USB-enabled apparatus. Furthermore, This HP printer may print around 5000 A 4 Scanned pictures in shade. It Has a multifunction laser and publishes Display. Sized sheets each month. Its compact shape makes it fit.

Fast Overview

  • Printer- LaserJet Type
  • Print Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • Functionality – Multi-Function (Print, Scan, Copy),
  • Print Speed: Up to 14 ppm
  • Scanner type – Flatbed; Printer Output – Black & White only
  • Connectivity – USB ; 2 inch LCD display
  • Pages per minute – 14; Cost per page – Rs 1.4 -{ISO standards}
  • Ideal for – Enterprise/Business, Frequent users (for fast, high-quality printing)
  •  A4, A5, B5, C5, C6, DL, postcard page size supported
  • Maximum monthly recommended prints – Up to 5,000 pages per month
  • Warranty – 1 year


High-quality prints with Affordable ink cartridges

Excellent print quality


no wireless connectivity

best hp printers in india

Things to know before buying a Printer – Buyer’s Guide(to find the best printers)

Before you make any decision about buying a Printer you should have some ideas about how to buy a printer? this thing helps you to buy a perfect printer for you.

types of printers

1.How much you are going to print and paper handling

This defines your ordinary frequency of employing a printer. There are some of the customers who want a printer for a whole lot of the needs in spite of the fact that there are some other people that just use a printer sometimes. Therefore, the changes in employing the printer along with the related efforts will fluctuate accordingly. In a more compact tray, you’ll need to incorporate the newspaper all the time. At a 250-page hopper, including newspapers become a once-a-month event.

An optional second arrow is given by some versions that are targeted in your home office person. It will help you check paper inventory, double click the newspaper’s ability to prevent refilling the paper distribution or use another paper stock. As an easy remedy for this, you ought to be clear about just how much you’ll print out of the printer.

This can allow you to pick the ideal printer in accordance with your printing requirements and requirements. Color, speed, and resolution asserts: Before it was used to be rather easy for any firm to make exaggerated statements about the rate of a printer or exactly what one can expect from a toner or ink cartridge.
Now, most of the firms employ a standardized set of evaluations that are created and accredited for them from ISO (International Standards Organization). Each of the evaluations and asserts is developing working with exactly the exact same test processes and same record sets.

Many printers have included committed feed trays to publish on particular papers with various weights or uncommon sizes, including index cards, glossy stock, along with lawful envelopes. The feed trays create simpler for your printers to take care of specific papers. The dimensions of this input should also be contemplated.

2. Scanning and printing resolution

The printing and scanning resolution of this printer is just the degree of detail from the published image. The greater the price of the resolution, the higher are the specifics of these published graphics. Ergo, if you’d like clear clarity at the published graphics, you ought to select a printer with a high-resolution price. Some manufacturers produce supreme quality photo prints whereas some supply a high printing quality on text documents. The normal resolution value for your most recent laser printer is now 1200 X 1200 DPI. This settlement worth guarantees that the users to send high-quality documents and graphics print out.


Duplexing can be featured in several multifunction printers using ADF (automatic document feeder) for your own scanner. For this reason, it is possible to scan either the faces of the webpage as ADF feeds on the file through it. In the event of an inkjet printer with no automatic document feeder, then you’ll need to scan the page by turning it on on the scanning glass. For people who often scan two-sided webpages, the duplex scan is a significant advantage for them. Nowadays, duplex printing has come to be a requirement as it will help to conserve paper if single-sided printing is not required. Printers that provide this attribute are capable of printing on both the front and bottom of the paper. This attribute Isn’t available on all printers.


Do you want a wireless printer? Or do you want a normal computer connection on your notebook pr laptop? Accessibility to cloud storage allows you to link to this printer from various areas around the globe. Remote access enables the printing of photographs from holiday spots.

These are a few of the questions which you ought to ask yourself prior to finalizing your choice of purchasing any printer.

A substantial benefit of newer printer versions is the addition of wireless connectivity to publish files. Users can simply print files over a system without needing to go into where the printer has been set up. Most printers available on the industry today provide aid for Google Cloud Printing, AirPrint, along with other programs to encourage printing.

Your printer is now able to provide you with different connectivity choices for communication with other digital devices everywhere. It’s possible to depend on a wireless link or may get the needful job from almost any remote computer into your own printer.

5.Multifunction printer

Do you need a multifunctional printer?

You definitely don’t need a printer for such a purpose you don’t utilize. Your printer must include this kind of configuration it can take care of all kinds of needful functions. Some customers are pleased with only a printer, while others favor having a printer using multi-functions. You ought to make certain of your wants and needs from the printer prior to purchasing one. Assess your regular applications and demands and to be certain of exactly what works could suit them. This will aid the consumers to end up purchasing a suitable printer including all the wanted functions enabled inside.

So there is all that will help you to buy a perfect and money value printer for you.


#1 Inkjet or Laser Printer Which Is Best printers?

You may either replace the entire cartridge or refill the cartridges with a particular refill kit. Surely, laser toners are somewhat more costly than regular print cartridges but if you simply print in monochrome and you want lots of papers, then look at obtaining a laser printer rather than an inkjet printer. Colour laser printers have existed for quite a while but they were frightfully expensive a couple of decades ago. Printing is fast in order that they can handle huge volumes.

Clearly, should you do plenty of printing, the laser printer will quickly repay your primary investment in conditions of lower per-page pricing. Now that you understand more about wireless printing you should get a better idea about what you will need to get and what things to expect in terms of set up. Advantages Laser prints are usually very high and very accurate.

The consumable part of the printer is encased in a cartridge which ought to be replaced from time to time. It’s important you purchase the printer that is appropriate for your needs. Generally speaking, inkjet printers are slow in performance, whilst laser printers are famous for their speed and excellent output.

Inkjet or Laser Printer Which Is Best? Ideas
If you would like to cut back on your transport cost, you might consider staying. Administrative cost, in the shape of document creation, is one of the principal activities businesses look at when considering practical regions to cut costs. As tempting as it might be, your money isn’t safe left on an exchange. The sum of money you ready to spend. The operational price of a multifunctional printer is much less than an inkjet printer.

#2 What is the dot-matrix printer?

These will be the earliest printer types out there on the marketplace. Due to its technologies and efficacy in providing high-quality printing outcomes, these printers continue to be popular with users. These printers may be used for either text files and printing pictures. Further, these printers are offered in a reasonable budget and so can readily be found from the consumers. Additionally, they do supply a normal rate of printing and consequently, reduces the waiting period.


So this all is in front of you. we personally recommend you the best printer { Epson EcoTank L3150 and HP Laserjet Pro M1136for your need. besides that, this all is best in their field we make a small list of the product so you don’t have to confuse in many printers. simply select one of them and its best for you.

if you need any information about printers feel free to comment below. we will assist you to make the most suitable choice among the best printers.


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