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Best Room Heaters in India 2019 -Review and Buyer’s Guide
best room heaters in india

Best Room Heaters in India 2019 -Review and Buyer’s Guide

Which are the best room heaters in India?


Havells OFR Room Heater


Orpat OEH-Room Heater

In India particularly, winters can become harsh and the Room heater is a great method to boost the warmth of a room. Like any other commodity, choices for room heaters are also abundant. From the large world of marketing and advertising that is catchy, a lot of things will need to be considered prior to invest in best room heaters.

They vary in size, shape, price and other characteristics suited to spaces that are various. Listed below are a couple of things. There are two different sorts of people within the weather; those who prepare for exciting escapades and also those which get prepared to have inside their hot blankets (Hola fellow unmarried men and women!). Whichever class you belong to, an area heater (not a Valentine) is an absolute must this year and given an option you’d obviously wish to purchase among the ideal Best room heaters in India.

If you are one of those men and women who’re always cold (regardless of whether the heat is around or not), an area heater maybe your new companion.

before we go ahead we should have an idea what is a heater?

What is a room Heater?

Room heaters are utilized to heat a little distance and are usually fitted or portable into a wall socket. room heaters utilize power or gas.

Heaters are all appliances that offer localized and focused heat that’s very appropriate in a room or has restricted mobility. However, they may be costly.

Ideally, room heaters must only be utilized as a supplementary source of warmth. Then, you ought to use the heater that is ideal for your distance, and that you would like to warm control the time and the temperature you’ve got the heater. Heaters that have these controllers are cheaper to operate.

How Do Heaters Work?

The current that’s generated warms up the wire elements called the heating coils — from the device If you flip a heater. Electric energy is turned into heat through the resistor as the current passes. That is why heaters are referred to as heating components. There’s a huge array of heaters. Every make and model contains variants Although a number of the principles apply to replacements. Power is frequently relied on by smaller grills When furnaces are powered by gasoline, petroleum or other fossil fuels.

The element common to all heaters is your resistor. The following step from the heating procedure is dependent upon whether the heater features a fan. It is going to assist draw air When a lover is. The heating elements are passed on by the air then is pushed into the room — that is comparable to hairdryers do the job. Since the heat is moved via the atmosphere Additionally, this is called convection heating. Convection heaters are a fantastic way by getting air to circulate around the area to heat a room. Air enters the device from beneath When there’s not any fan in the heater.

The airflow is warmed moves above the coils and finds its way out. This type of heating is known to heat — belief of a traditional stove using a heating component. It is a fantastic alternative for places and smaller spaces. Electric baseboards are luminous heaters and supply a productive means of introducing energy without altering your home’s infrastructure.

Let’s talk about some best room heaters in India.

Best Room Heaters

In this list, we added some trusted and reputed best brands like Havells, Usha, Eveready, and V-guard.

Best Room Heaters in India

1.Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater 

Best room heaters in India

In this list of best room heaters, these heaters come in the first place. Following closely behind is that the Havells OFR using 9 Fin oil registered radiators which allow for quick and efficient heating systems. It functions n 3 power modes also operates even on two manners. This includes a home.

This includes a heating system that includes of a lover and PTC heater. It comes with all the security features like overheat protection along with a tilt over change. The cost variable is since Morphy Richards provides the very exact features to get a better price really where Havells OFR 9Fin stays one step behind.


Overheat protection and tilt over switch for safety
Easy and portable
Has double overheat protection
Comes up with Three different power Modules


Expensive in its range

best heaters in india

2. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Best room heaters in india

Second on record is from a brand, Orpat that is among the primary producers of household, electronic and electric appliances. OEH room heater out of this new is famous because of endurance, quality, and endurance. Orpat OEH-1200 is ideal for heating up game heating and rooms Since it utilizes heating technologies.

Room size or the coverage area that this room heater may manage is around 250Sq. ft. This chamber heater includes 2000 watts which may be adjusted with a barbell button and two heating watts. In the event, the weather is trendy change to 1000 w and 2000 w style at ordinary room conditions.

Orpat OEH room heater includes outdoor. So, even in the event that with the heater touch when running, you aren’t going to receive any burns. You may transfer it to another, although it is in working mode. Additionally, it makes the machine effortless to keep. A handle makes it convenient and simple to maneuver it.

The body is constructed from vinyl and includes a white that was a fashionable design that blends into almost any insides. It comes on the engine and the body components. Orpat OEH room’s heater’s downside would be. This chamber heater generates as it utilizes a fan for circulating atmosphere. It’s equipped with security features such as reduction, which implies that the system remains secure when used for long intervals. You may leave the room heater operating for the night or a day.


2 heat setting
Non sagging and cool-touch body
Suitable for medium-sized rooms
Auto Thermal cut off feature


Not suitable for large rooms
Spread warmness only in one direction

best heaters in india

3. Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter

best room heaters in india

Havells has been one of the popular brands in India. you can trust on Havells blindly. this is the third-best Havells room heater in India.  it providing high quality and durable household products.

The heating element in the gadget generates heat that’s then currently circulating working with a blower fan. A control knob is with which you can command. The air vents could be adjusted to guide the circulation of the air.

GHRFHADGW version room heater out of Havells has seized a location in our record due to functionality that was efficient and high quality. This gadget is really a 2000watt room heater, therefore that it has the capability to heat up the warmth of an area around 200 square feet (that can be little to midsize room).

Aside from all these, you are provided by Havells with a guarantee one year for any manufacturing flaws. To be able to protect against any possible risks this chamber heater includes dual security overheat protection. Along with this, it keeps it and also includes.

The portable handle, you put and can carry it anywhere you would like. It’s a finish that is smooth and also the body has been coated with bit paint that is trendy. So, even in the event that the apparatus while touching in functioning, your hands won’t burn on.


Easy and portable
comes up with overheat protection
Thermostat knobs to control the output temperature


A bit expensive

best room heaters in india

4. V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000 Room

best room heaters in india

Though the heating option is inaccessible, you can control the heat by turning them both in precisely the exact same moment or turning either among the heating pole. Next on our list is an area heater out of V-Guard. The version from this new is a heater that makes it ideal for rooms such as rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms.

Rather than using fans to distribute air, quartz heat bulbs sticks which heats up the room and then shine are used by this chamber heater. This 800-watt power-intensive heater (each pole absorbs 400 watts) can heat up a room of a tiny dimension (up to 100SQft).

There is an auto shut off thermostat that shuts off the device once the system reaches a certain temperature. The only problem with this unit is. When the temperature rises too high, then-current around the sides will begin to melt. Getting mobile and compact, it moves easily. V-Guard supplies one year manufacturer’s guarantee for this item to you.


1 Year manufacturer’s warranty
Low power Consumption
Very budget-friendly
Auto shut off the thermostat


The regulated movement needs improvement
poor build quality

Havells heater

5. Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector with Over Heat Protection

Usha room heaters

Subsequently, Usha is the best option if you’d like to have an outstanding product at a reasonable budget. A seat has been set by this manufacturer concerning quality and functionality If it comes to the room heater. Usha 423 version room heater utilized convection technologies to heat the space up. The atmosphere is going to be dispersed by means of a fan to the room. It’s the potential of heating an area of dimensions up around 150Sqft. It absorbs up based upon the warmth level.

It includes a turbo layout with two fan speed alternative that is different aids from the room’s warmth. Night lighting indicator is found on the apparatus to guarantee the visibility of this apparatus even or through the nighttime.

A 1-year guarantee is supplied by the producer on any flaws. A safety reduction attribute is provided to protect against any dangers. Aside from that, grills have been supplied on the sides that allow airflow, thereby preventing any buildup that was overheating.


Night light indicator
It comes with different fan speed functions
Adjustable height to suit placement as per your need
ISI Marked


Build quality needs more improvement

usha room heaters


6.Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator (Grey)

USha room heaters

It includes 9 radiators fins which are going to continue to keep the room temperature heat throughout the winter months. The radiator fins that are thin will make it possible for the heat to float in the room. Within minutes, you’re able to boost the room temperature of this space with this item.
Rooms that are medium or small can heat up around dimensions of 200Sqft. So as to create heat 2000Watts is consumed by it.

Last but not the merchandise on the listing is from International manufacturer Morphy Richards. The OFR 09 version room heater out of this brand has excellent looks than every other merchandise in our listing.

There are two knobs — just for warmth alternative to function in 3 modes and setting. The security cut option will turn off as it protects from the overheating and reaches into a temperature array.

In comparison with room heaters, it chooses the voltages and balances the loads.
There’s a power LED indicator light that blinks when an injury occurs, or if the unit is switched off. It’s 4-castor brakes (2-front and 2-back) to transfer the apparatus freely from 1 area to the next.

The manufacturer provides a one year guarantee.


Adjustable thermostat setting
Castor wheels for easy mobility
Easy to carry and portable


a little noisy but it is ok

usha room heaters

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Types of Room Heaters

There are three types of room heaters based on heating technology.

  • a) Infrared heaters
  • b) Ceramic Heaters
  • c) Oil Filled Heaters

Types of Heaters

a) Infrared heaters

They’re also referred to as heaters. They utilize the Exact Same principle which warms the ground up energy will likely be transferred into any item or individual existing in its route heat These drains use technologies to move it into the individuals and to make heat. The heat dissipates when the heater has been switched off resulting in recovery. They are best for warming spaces that are small. No matter how energy efficiency and very low sound level make up to it.

infrared heaters are basically of two types: Quartz Tubes(Nichrome heating wire Based) and Tubular Heating Element(Metal Heat transfer based technology)

Advantages – 
  1. It’s light transfer heat allow it to use without noisy.
  2. You can carry it very easily.
  3. Energy-efficient.
  4. Fast heating.

b) Ceramic Heaters-

They function at reduced temperatures and therefore are capable of discharging quantity of warmth In comparison to other people. Ceramic heaters Are Usually used for heating rooms or small offices.

Through heating components, electrical current moves in heaters. This allows heating components and the aluminum baffle to heating up. Throughout precisely exactly the exact identical period, the air can be pumped to the bottom from the. Following that, the atmosphere is going to probably likely be passed across heating components and the baffles. The atmosphere heats and finally circulated working with a fan. That’s the reason why they are called fan replacements that are ceramic.

Advantages –
  1. Fan-Based airflow technology.
  2. easy to carry anywhere.
  3. Good for home and office usage.

c) Oil Filled Heaters 

The power will flow into the heating reservoir Once you plug in the socket. This may turn power into heat that is then going to be consumed by the oil. It is going to flow through the columns When the oil has been heated up. The heat will be transferred by the motion of petroleum. The heat will float around the room utilizing the natural convection of air.

In those columns, oil is current that functions as a heating reservoir. It won’t be utilized which usually means that you don’t need to refill Since the oil isn’t utilized as fuel for heating generation.
Oil-filled heaters seem like radiators they are tiny. They have a set of columns that are combined which attached in the bottom using a management panel. Unlike conventional types, oil-filled heaters are portable.

Advantages –
  1. Energy-efficient
  2. heating larger rooms very easily.
  3. loaded with auto on-off technology.

Factors to look when you are going to buy a Heater

usha heaters

Heating capacity

The majority of the space heaters have heat settings that help adjust based on room temperature. Ordinarily, 3 heating settings are detected — low, moderate and large that work by changing the wattage. You might even turn off heating setting choice by changing a button, even if it isn’t acceptable to your needs.

This lets you know just how much heat could be produced by means of a room heater. Additionally, this is linked to wattage, since greater the wattage of this room heater is your heating capability.

Auto Cutt On-Off

Thermostats are among the components that are significant. The majority of the space heaters have toaster or thermostat. Using the thermostat temperature can be set by you and the heater will maintain the temperature by simply turning off and on the unit following periods.

Though thermostat can’t keep set temperature but controls the heat output based upon your heating settings. Flexible thermostats possess dials or buttons to allow you to adjust the heat.

Size and Portability

It’s far much better to buy a room heater In regards to portability. Since they make it effortless to maneuver the apparatus form one location. It’s also suggested to watch out for sidearms or handles which the heater can move around.
Together with that, space heaters should be to maneuver it easily and compact in size so it could be move anyplace like beneath the desk. Radiant and fan space heaters are all also light in weight, compact and easy to maneuver around when compared with oil-filled heaters.


The simplest way to understand the Watt need is to multiply the area of the area. By way of instance, your area is 200 Sq. feet multiply that by 10 and also the need is going to probably be 2000 watt. Wattage equals warmth the watt electricity ought to be based on the room dimensions for heating that is successful. Higher wattage signifies the power consumption will be.

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A top excellent room heater will come at a cost that is greater. High-end models may have additional features such as energy-saving manner remote management, toilet timer and friendly. Some cheaply priced space heater versions might not offer attributes that were smart but they will offer warm that’s needed to make you comfy.

Energy Efficiency

Heaters can’t accommodate the number of tasks a heating system may perform. They’re intended to heat up spaces. If regions warm up beyond the capability of room heaters, then energy bills may have raised. Room heaters do not arrive with energy performance evaluations. And it’s tough to compare with the energy efficiency of the devices as facets may have an effect on their productivity. A number of the factors are temperatures, distance dimensions, not or while the distance will be either coated, what dimensions are others as well as put.

Safety features

Any system which deals with warmth and energy should have security features that are specific to prevent electrical or overheating issues. They could be cases of fire risks When the drains aren’t monitored correctly. Assess if your chamber heater is accompanied by an internal switch that shuts off the heater in the event of overheating. The change will have in the event the temperature spans a limit, a detector that will send a sign.

Noise Level

The same as any other appliance, space heaters create some sound while in operation. A number of space heater models create more sound. Non-fan heaters (luminous heaters) usually function whisper quiet. They are great for bedrooms and the workplace.

When considering noise variable is Standard thumb principle — enthusiast outfitted room heaters create fan-less and sound versions make no sounds or less. To assess if it creates not, take a look at the evaluations. The greater the score is, the more rapid the system will be.


It’s far much better to select models with a one year warranty If it comes to guarantee. You are able to take a look at the warranty particulars in the item specifications.

Best Practices for Safe Space Heater Use

Generally, 20 percent happen involving 8 pm and midnight, along with 18 percent occur between 8 and midnight a.m.. It can sound frightening, but it is completely preventable. Space heater security is a concern throughout the months of January, December and February. In reality, the NFPA reported that 53% of house fires between 2015 and 2011 caused house heating equipment set too close. Space heaters accounted for 43% of these fires.

To help avoid these situations, you need to follow some guidelines like:

  • Keep away flammable material from the heater

Good positioning is essential to ensuring security and heat. The NFPA recommends putting your room heater three feet out of items such as clothes, beds and blankets furniture, drapes and carpeting. It’s also advisable to keep your space heater from where possible, and furniture generally, put it. Bear in mind this term!

  • Turn off the heater off when you leave Room

Among the most effective methods would be to flip it. When it is not running, it is not drawing on electricity and isn’t very likely near. What about if you are sleeping, now? Are space heaters secure to leave on all night? Generally, it is not suggested that you simply use a space heater. You are unaware of what is happening in the home or even Though you existing. You want to be certain your heater has security attributes if you should have the space heater operating for some portion of the night. simply don’t put a heater on when you are leaving your room.

  • Make sure you have a smoke alarm and it’s fully charged also

It’s also wise to check into carbon monoxide sensors in the event that you have a fireplace or even organic clothing drier in your property, or should you utilize space heaters. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, which explains the reason you need to think about installing those devices.

Along with some heater, then you ought to have a smoke detector that is working. Smoke alarms are a portion of helping you fire in the house, and they are intended to detect trace quantities of smoke, and that’s exactly precisely the reason why some versions go away if you are cooking dinner. It might save your own life, although it might be loud. Keep your property and your loved ones safe, and ensure that your smoke alarms are in working order. Each month test them and then replace the batteries whenever the lights blink or you notice a beep.

For functioning carbon monoxide detectors in exactly precisely the exact identical moment Assess you check your smoke alarms. You might buy smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, that have both apparatus housed in precisely exactly the unit.

  • Put it on Ground

Many space heaters utilize about 1,500 watts of power at their highest possible temperature. This usually means should you attempt to run things that you can overload circuits. You might increase fire dangers since it is not designed to deal with a whole great deal of wattage if you plug in your heater in an extension cable. Ensure to utilize one which has the 3 prongs, a grounded outlet. Because they haven’t any way sockets are obsolete and maybe a fire danger within their right.


Here is all you need to know. These are some best room heaters in this list all are best in their own field. The Havells OFR Room Heater and Orpat OEH-Room Heater are best among these all heaters. we hope you love this article. if you want any help regarding this article or heater, feel free to comment below.


#1.  Is it safe to sleep all night with a heater on?

Room heaters can be secure to continue for unsupervised intervals, for example, while sleeping. Make sure your heater is accredited with one of the 3 testing arrangements and contains features such as tip-over security, automatic shutoff, a timer, and thermostat. Including owning the heater and a functioning smoke detector out of flammable substances you need to follow standard safety rules.

#2 Where should I put the heater in my room?

Heaters must be out of reach from children and put. Keep it in a distance from neutral components, furniture, window curtains, and sofa. Go to get a heater that has a minimum of 60 feet cable that provides you the flexibility to put it. For the best results maintain it 4-5 feet.

#3 Does a room heater reduce Carbon monoxide?

No heater releases carbon monoxide. If you burn fuels does not burn carbon monoxide is discharged. Should you get a gas heater you require chimneys and venting. And we propose you do not elect for a gasoline heater.

#4 Does oil-filled heaters burn oil for producing heat?

No, oil present in the tubes is not used as fuel for producing heat. In fact, the process involves heating oil which spreads over the tubes and transmits heat to the surroundings through convection.

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